Friday, April 05, 2013


Yeah baby! It's Friday! It's been a busy week but a good one!

1. My baby boy turned TWO years old this week! What?!?! And isn't he the cutest thing you have EVER seen? We had the most fun celebrating him all day long Thursday. (I have a whole post coming on that one!)

2. I got to celebrate Easter with these crazy peeps:

3. Lauren had her first soccer practice Monday night! It was freezing but it sure was a big moment for this little family! Our first sporting event!!!! She is playing soccer with our church's program. Her coach is a family friend (and Shawn is going to help when needed) and she's got two of her best friends on her team, Morgan and Preston! It should be a fun "season."

4. I read this book this week:

Amazing, encouraging, convicting, short, perfect. If you are a mama, I highly recommend it!

5. I have a dentist appointment today. I. Love. My. Dentist's. Office. Is that weird? I think I love going even more now that I have kids. Its like a spa day. I put my headphones in, close my eyes, let the chair tilt back and just rest. Plus, they get my teeth so sparkly clean....its a win win! If you are in my area and are looking for an amazing dental experience I got the hook up. Plus they are awesome with kids too....Lauren got her teeth "sparkled" a while back and she asks me almost weekly if they are still sparkled and when we are going back. Well, sister, today is mama's'll have yours soon enough!

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  1. So funny about the dentist!!! I said the same thing last time i went. It's like a treat to get to lay back and relax, even if someone's hands are in your mouth:-)