Tuesday, August 28, 2012

P - A - R - K!!!!

Since we've moved to our new little town the one thing we've probably missed the most (or at least tied with the library) are the public parks. In the town we used to live there were parks on every corner. Good parks too.

We finally ventured out to the only park I know about here in our town...right next to the sad, sad excuse for a library. I was hopeful. I mean, it's a park, right? And, while it wasn't terrible....it was definitely not as awesome as some we've been to.

Lauren wasn't a fan of the sand. Surprise, surprise.


What a little sweetie this girl is...she absolutely melts my heart. And, also, can someone please tell me how she is this big. I am fairly positive I had her just a few hours ago. :(

This, my friends, was huge. She made it all the way across the moving step-thingies (I'm pretty sure that isn't the correct name for this particular piece of equipment, but we are rolling with it) all by herself. Ya'll....all.by.herself! Proud moment.

Another proud moment? My youngest eating rocks. Really son?!?! Rocks? Playground rocks? Dude. Gross.

Some of you will be shocked that after all the equipment playing and the rock eating that I let my kids touch food and then place it in their mouths....however - you would have missed the tiny green container full of AWESOMENESS (don't tell me bad stuff about hand sanitizer...I don't want to hear it, k?!) that kills all the ugly germs from our hands. 

Also, sorry about this pic of your eyes Lolo. I know you don't really have a weird eye in real life. Love you, baby!

Probably Easton's favorite (and Lolo's least favorite) part of our little adventure to the park was our trek down some steep rocks to sit by the river. He was obsessed. She was over it. She was over it before we even went down there. "Mom, those are rocks. Mom, I can't go down there I will fall. Mom there are leaves and bugs. MOM!!!!!" Meanwhile, Easton had already traversed himself about halfway down so she was forced out of her comfort zone while we chased after him.

Oh my goodness. I love this pic for so many reasons, but I'll just name a few. Easton could care less about us. In fact, it looks like he is thinking, "oh my gosh....these girls. Get me out of here. I am not with them." Then there is Lauren. What can I say about that? Pure awesomeness. Oh, and myself....aside from the no makeup and hair pulled back I love that I am looking at who in the world knows what. This is what a picture looks like when you take two kids to the park by yourself.

Oh and of course, how could I forget this major milestone. That's my baby. My BABY for crying out loud on a big kid swing. He loved it. Couldn't get enough.

And, my other baby....goodness these kids are growing too fast.

All in all, though the park was a tad bit icky, we had a great time. It was impromptu. It was just the three of us and it was pure goodness.

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