Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Lessons

Today was the first day of swim lessons for my little girl! She has been so super excited (even if this mama was so super nervous) and she could not wait to get her swimsuit and sunscreen on. She even paused long enough to let me snap this picture of her before we left!

The swim lessons are taught by a lady in our neighborhood. She has an excellent reputation and I couldn't believe our luck that not only was she within walking distance of our house, but that we actually got on her super long list! Lauren goes two weeks, four days a week, for 50 minutes. Easton's lessons start in July. :)

I caught this picture of Lauren on our walk to lessons. She was so happy. So carefree. So excited.

Here Lauren is waiting for her teacher before the lessons began. Oh my goodness she was just too cute in her bathing suit.

The parents don't actually stay back for the lessons so that the kids can pay closer attention to the teacher, so I snapped this picture of her little swim class learning the safety procedures of the pool before their official lesson began. Easton was having a major fit because he wanted in the pool so I had to get out of there quickly.

And I think this picture just about sums the whole first day up....

she was one tired girl. But, she absolutely loved swim lessons and cannot wait to go back tomorrow!!!!


  1. This is precious!!! She is adorable :) You're such a good momma!