Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Worst Mama Ever

If you are wondering where our pictures are from Halloween this year....you won't find them. Because we didn't dress up. I didn't even buy the kids costumes. We didn't trick or treat. We didn't even have candy to pass out.

Yep. I get the award.

I hate that I feel so guilty about it. But I do. The kids were sick anyway. But they won't have pictures from this Halloween. They don't even know that their mama dropped the ball this year. But I do. I. DO.

My parents had a hay ride. We didn't go. I hate that. I wish we would have.

Next year, right? I mean this year is just absolutely too stinking crazy for words. We are literally living between houses. Packing and cleaning. Packing and moving. Packing and being super exhausted.

But, still...no trick or treating. Ugh.

I'm sorry kiddos. I'll make it up to you. Pinky promise.

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