Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wubbanub Love!

Easton loves his Wubbanub! Lauren never had one of these too stinking adorable pacifiers but I don't think she would have taken to it like he has. I love watching him grip the little monkey and try to get the pacifier into his mouth. Today he was flinging it around and laughing at himself. I could have died at the cuteness!!!

His little smile is almost too much for me. He is usually pretty serious but when he flashes one of those little smiles I just melt inside.

What a little man he is. I love that he is just chilling with his arms behind his little head.

I love that he is doing such a great job gripping objects now. Today he held on to the little monkey with everything he had. Is it silly that it made me so proud?! And, are those not the cutest little chubby hands ever? I could just eat them up!


  1. Aww! Two cute little monkeys!

  2. How cute! Isn't it amazing how many new baby products come out in just a few short years! I love Easton's little smile!

  3. Such a sweet little guy!!!!!