Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My First Outing With Both Kiddos

Last week was my first week at home by myself with both kids and it was a rainy, dreary week outside but for a few bright moments of sun. I have a tendency to get stir crazy if I am cooped up for too long and it is even worse if the weather is such that I cannot get out. So, during one of the beautiful sunny (or at least, non-rainy) moments I decided I was going to put on my big girl pants (literally, ha) and brave the outside world with my two darlings.

It was a pretty last minute decision so I threw on a little makeup and got the kids out of their pj's. It takes so much longer to get two kids ready, but I am sure that it will get easier and easier, right? I was throwing my brother and his darling fiance' a shower the upcoming weekend and I needed to get a gift so I thought I might as well make that my trip. Plus, I can hardly ever resist the pull of Target. :)

I packed the diaper bag and loaded up both kids with ease, but getting them both out of the car and into Target was a little more tricky. I tried to park close, but of course it was Target... Anyway, it was a little bit of a juggling act and I am sure if anyone were watching me, they would have either 1. been laughing or 2. been feeling pity for this new mom. I did decide beforehand that we were going to use our new Tag*a*Long. Lauren was super excited for her "handle" and I was pleased that she was actually going to use it.

Lauren was a big help when printing out their registry. :)

Easton was perfectly content to chill in his car seat. 

Both of my darling babies in Target...yes I took my camera, it was a momentous occasion. ;) 

Lauren LOVED "reading" what we needed to get from the registry and holding onto her handle

We didn't spend a ton of time in Target. We pretty much got what we needed and got out of there but it was just what I needed. Both of the kids were great. And I gained a little bit of confidence in facing the real world again.


  1. LOVE the tag along....I think I need one! You are right on about two kids taking longer to load up. I am still feeling this a year later! I wish I could say it gets easier, but I still feel like it's a challenge getting out of the door! These days, I keep Austin asleep until the car is loaded and we're ready. Then, I grab him from his bed in jammies and load him up. My babysitter is gracious enough to allow me to get Austin ready once I am there. That is the only way that I can make it to work on time and with the least amount of stress! You'll find what works and SADLY what doesn't (that will always happen when you have to be somewhere at a certain time!!!)

  2. Where did you get the tag along? Love it! It does get easier (think..when one starts school and the other is at least 3)LOL! Then, just when you think you have it figured out and a great changes. You'll do great though!

  3. YAY! Way to go girl! :-) I've NEVER heard of a "tag along", but they look genius! I NEED ONE!!! haha!

    I absolutely LOOOOVE Target - so glad you got to have some out time with your little ones! They are ADORABLE!

  4. Way to go, Mama! That's fantastic! The tag along thing looks great! I actually had Isaac hold onto the cart today at the store after I saw this post... didn't quite work the same though. ;) Not that you were asking, but to help me in parking lots, I usually try to park next to a cart corral so that I can put the kids and all my stuff in that (at least until we get inside). If there's no parking spots close to one, I lock them in the car and run and grab the nearest cart and bring it back to the car. It works well for us. You're doing such a fantastic job!!!