Friday, August 06, 2010

I Will Not Take My Love Away Chapter 2: So, Ummm, What Do You Look Like?

Part 1 HERE

That evening, I headed back to my dorm room on the third floor, I remember feeling like this could be something. Maybe its because I had had my fair share of the this could be nothings and I wanted it to be something. All I know is that between the phone lines for those short minutes we actually talked, I was totally excited and not really all that upset with Tara. ;)

I set up my Windows Messenger account that night and if I remember correctly it was a long time before I actually went to sleep. Partly because I had butterflies in my stomach and partly because we chatted online for a long time. We talked about our hometowns, siblings, college, roommates, and more. It was strange to have these conversations on the computer. I couldn't see his face and he couldn't see mine. All we had to go by were the smiley faces we inserted and a few, "hahas". It was great.

I talked to Tara about this mystery boy. She had one small picture of him that I looked at, but it was from when he was in high school and he was a college sophomore now. This was before the day and age of Facebook and Myspace and all other social networking sites. As far as I knew the only "picture" Shawn had of me was the one that Tara described for him. Looking back, I am surprised he didn't run away scared!

Neither Shawn or I had a cell phone so we spent most of our time talking on the computer. Shawn did buy a calling card and we had a few phone conversations, but a calling card only lasts so far when you are getting acquainted with someone and are likely to spend hours upon hours talking about random stuff.

I saved a couple of our conversations that I had printed off way back when. They are so sweet and funny. I even feel a little awkward for us because it's like having your first date transcribed. =) We talked a lot about not wanting to go to class, but just to sit and talk more with each other. We also talked about actually meeting each other someday soon....

Stay tuned for Part 3: Colorado and a First Date


  1. This is so fun to read! I never got all the details of how you two met before, so I'm loving it! Keep it coming. I'm on the edge of my seat here.