Monday, July 12, 2010

goodnight moon

My brother's girlfriend, Victoria, has been telling us about Goodnight Moon for a while and I just never got the book. She loved it growing up and thought Lauren would too. This past weekend her mom brought Lauren the board book and little stuffed bunny for Lauren to try out. The verdict is in....she LOVES it. I mean, LOVES the book. We have to read the "nigh-night" book multiple times a day and at least twice at nap time and bed time. I have to admit that I am even falling in love with the repetitive words. It really does have a calming effect. I also love that my little munchkin likes to cuddle a little longer because of the book. Sweet, sweet memories are being made around this house because of that book! And, the bunny, or "hop-hop" as Lauren calls him has made his way into our hearts and home as well. I thought I would share a sweet little video of Lauren and Shawn and bedtime this evening. The preciousness is almost too much. If you can wait just a little bit she begins to repeat the good-nights (she is a little camera shy at first). It is just too sweet.

Goodnight everyone!


  1. Jen that is precious!! I remember those days. My kids loved Goodnight Gorilla!

  2. AWWWW.. what a sweet little angel you have! Your making me want one :)