Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm still here staring blankly at my blog

Every day I open my blog with good intentions. I intend to write something meaningful, interesting, funny, what-have-you. But, moments before I click that orange Publish Post button, I become paralyzed. Below is the conversation I have with myself:

Me: Ok, I'm gonna do it this time, no matter what.
Me: I can't do it. This is a stupid post, what was I thinking? You have nothing worth sharing.
Me: Nobody reads this anyway, it is just for me. I can post what matters to me. Breathe!
Me: What if somebody did decide to read it today, this one post would be the make or break it for them...oh why did I post about that?!?!
Me: It doesn't matter.......right?
Me: Clicks the Sign Out button.

Ultimately I leave the blogosphere feeling rather icky inside. How can everyone else write so freely and beautifully?

Anyway, if you are one of my many (um...2) readers our there and have been counting on me to deliver some awesome reading material, I am truly sorry. There should be counseling for my condition.

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