Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, Shawn informed me that I might have sounded a little bit like Sally Struthers on my last post. Sorry! I guess I just got a little fired up after seeing that episode. I'm not crazy....but I do want our children to be protected. Please keep that in mind should you read it! :)

Lauren is doing great! She is growing so much each day. She smiles now and has her own little voice. It is the most precious thing you could ever hear! I love to listen to her "talk" to me. She will even make facial expressions to go with her story. She loves her bouncy seat now! Hallelujah!!! She kicks and giggles and watches the little spiders moving up and down. Absolutely adorable. It also gives me a chance to do some things while she is awake. When she smiles it comes straight from her eyes and you can't help but smile back and thank God. I love being home with her to watch these milestones. Sometimes I just hold her while she sleeps and smell her sweet baby skin and try to memorize exactly what this time in our lives feels like. I know it will never be the same and that is okay, but I never want to look back and say that I didn't enjoy this time to the fullest. I understand how blessed I am to be able to stay home. I want this for every mother.

Shawn is working hard every day. This week has been especially crazy at work. He is a civil engineer and loves the work. We are very thankful that he works for an engineering firm that has a lot of work right now. He's been working on one project there for over two years. I think it is getting ready to go into the construction stage sometime soon. I know it is hard for him to be away from his little girl, but he wastes no time when he gets home to hold her. I think he may be wrapped around her little finger. I guess only time will tell... :) He has also been studying since March for his Professional Engineer test. He will take that in late October. That has been interesting with a brand new baby, but I'm really proud of him for preparing so well. We'll be so relieved when it is over!

I am home with Lauren and I love the freedom. There isn't a whole lot new with me other than I am trying to lose the extra baby weight I gained and I am looking forward to Fall!

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